Simplified Life Insurance Review

Simplified Life Insurance can help you compare simplified issue term life insurance quotes from numerous insurers because it has more than 40 providers in its network.

This Simplified Life Insurance Review may assist you in making an educated decision about.

What affects my rate with Simplified Life

Simplified Life Insurance Review - Simplified

Each carrier has a separate set of requirements for approval. Depending on the insurer, factors including weight, serious traffic tickets, and criminal convictions may be treated differently.

The following general characteristics are utilized to evaluate your overall risk profile:

  • Driving or criminal convictions. The amount of time that has passed since your most recent conviction, as well as your overall criminal history, are utilized to assess your risk.
  • Health history within the family. You have no control over your family’s medical history. However, if you’re worried about it, you might be able to locate a provider who doesn’t give it any thought.
  • Recent episodes of a life-threatening disease. Waiting to apply for life insurance may be worthwhile if a major medical condition or disease is just temporary. Before selecting a service provider, speak with a representative.
    usage of tobacco or booze Smoking history and frequency are important factors in determining your premium, but even occasional usage might result in higher costs.
  • Your state of health is an important consideration. Weight and mental health conditions might both be considered in your risk assessment.

How to get a quote from Simplified Life insurance

Click Complete the quotation form at the top of the Simplified Life webpage to get a free quote on this service.

  1. The state where you currently reside
  2. Your health-related course
  3. Your date of birth, as well as your sex
  4. Regardless of whether you’re a smoker or a tobacco user,
  5. What kind of insurance and how much coverage you require
    Your name, contact information (including cell phone number and email address), and postal address

Once you’ve submitted the quotation form, you’ll be led to a table that compares the prices you’ve requested. This table lets you compare various insurance amounts and conditions.

What happens next?

Using Simplified Life, here are the five stages to submitting an insurance application:

  1. Consider all of your possibilities. The comparison table can help you find a plan that is both affordable and matches your requirements.
  2. Fill out the application as completely as you can and submit it. Include your postal address and any remarks you wish to make.
  3. Attend to the phone till someone answers. If you have any queries, a representative from Simplified Life will give you a call to go through your options.
  4. Verify your decision by clicking on the confirm button. Sign and return the policy information and confirmation paperwork online when you get it.
  5. Get an answer in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve been authorized, your insurance will begin to pay benefits immediately.

A professional representative at 866-638-9356 can help you join up and apply for a loan over the phone.

What types of life insurance coverage does Simplified Life offer?

Simplified Life lets you complete a single form to compare policies from a variety of insurers instead of offering insurance directly. The choices, on the other hand, are restricted to simple-issue term life insurance contracts.

  • Simplified issue term life. Term lengths commonly range from 10 to 30 years. Return of premium is possible in some plans, although it’s more expensive. Traditional insurance needs a medical exam, however simplified policies are more streamlined and don’t.

What riders can I add to my policy?

Adding riders is simple since Simplified matches your requirements with plans from third-party insurers : AIG, Assurity, Mutual of Omaha, Principal, Protective, and Transamerica are just a few of the insurers in Simplified Life’s network of more than 40.
A few of the riders that our partners provide are as follows:

  • Accelerated death benefit rider. Pays out your entire benefit while you’re still alive, provided certain conditions are met. If you are diagnosed with a chronic condition, you are eligible for a tax-free settlement.
  • Child rider and spouse rider. Additional family members can be covered under your insurance if you choose to do so. Most of the time, the benefit payouts are significantly lower.
  • The premium rider is coming back. If you live longer than the term of your insurance, you may be eligible for a refund of some or all of your premiums.
  • Rider waiving the right to a higher price. If you become totally handicapped, your insurance policy’s coverage is extended without further cost to you.

Simplified Life insurance reviews and complaints

Simplified Life has no complaints or reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as of February 2019. Even yet, the Better Operation Bureau (BBB) gives it an A rating because of the length of time it has been in business, even though Simplified Life has not been recognized by the BBB.

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