Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Review

Funeral Advantage, a Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance ultimate expenditure, may range in price from $15 to $130 per month, which is standard for this policy type.

What affects my rate with Lincoln Heritage?

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There are a few variables that might affect how much it will cost you in the end:

  • Your age
  • Overall health
  • Job and hobbies
  • Coverage limit

How to get a quote from Lincoln Heritage life insurance?

Lincoln Heritage’s funeral insurance policies may be obtained by starting your application online or by calling the company listed below:

  1. Call 800-438-7180 or go to the website’s Free quotation link for further information.
  2. Please provide your full name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and age in the fields provided.
  3. Pick a method of discovering Lincoln Heritage that worked best for you.
  4. Click Request a price estimate from me today.
  5. Wait for a call or email from an insurance representative.
  6. Please provide more information about the scope of the coverage you want.
  7. If you’re ready to proceed, fill out the papers and make the final payment.

What types of life insurance coverage does Lincoln Heritage offer?

To assist your loved ones in paying for your funeral and other last expenditures, Lincoln Heritage offers final expense insurance coverage of up to $20,000. This entire life insurance policy, which is also known as burial insurance, allows you to borrow money from your policy after a specified length of time.

What riders can I add to my policy?

Although Lincoln Heritage’s website does not disclose possible add-ons, we do know that the company provides an accidental death benefit rider as an alternative. If you are killed in an accident, such as a vehicle accident, this benefit will pay out up to $100,000.

Lincoln Heritage life insurance reviews and complaints

As of October 2020, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave this life insurance firm a solid A+ rating. More than 80 BBB customer evaluations offer Lincoln Heritage an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Lincoln Heritage, on the other hand, is listed as the subject of 64 BBB complaints. In the 12 months leading up to May 2020, around a dozen of those questions were answered. While most complaints focus on the company’s pushy sales practices, some claim that they are being charged more than they agreed to for insurance premiums.

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