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The suggested insurance provider, not Health IQ, will determine the final cost of your insurance, since we act as a broker. Health IQ, on the other hand, claims to be able to assist candidates who are in good health save up to 41%.

What affects my rate with Health IQ?

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In order to assist health-conscious consumers in obtaining more cheap life insurance premiums, Health IQ was developed. For example, if you prove an active lifestyle or achieve “elite” status on a test, you can save 4% off monthly rates.

Apart from health, the best rates usually go to people who can match the following criteria:

  • The usage of tobacco has never been an issue in the past.
  • Neither alcohol nor drugs have ever been a problem.
  • A clean driving record is one that has no DWIs, DUIs, suspensions, or other offenses on it.
  • A normal blood pressure and BMI are good indicators of good health.
  • Chronic sickness that is well-managed.
  • A well-balanced diet is essential for good health.

Health IQ’s underwriting rules are more forgiving since they are customized to the individual lifestyle of each applicant. Your underwriter receives a customised letter from your agent that paints a more favorable image of your character and lifestyle.

Underwriting by Health IQ may still be able to obtain you the best rates, even if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle.

How to get a quote from Health IQ life insurance?

Get a quotation online, but you’ll have to chat with a representative about the pricing and coverage that are available to you.

  1. Choose the type of insurance coverage you require by clicking Get Your Free Quote to get started.
  2. Include your age, gender, height and weight and personal income in the survey.
  3. After that, enter your contact information and press the Send button.
  4. If you qualify for any special prices, an agent will contact you to get more information.

What types of life insurance coverage does Health IQ offer?

It is important to note that Health IQ is an insurance broker, not a provider of its own coverage. Term and whole life insurance plans are available via Health IQ’s agreements with more than 30 insurance companies, including Prudential, John Hancock, and Lincoln Financial Group.

There will, however, be a selection of plans available, such as both term and whole life options.

  • Term life insurance. Health IQ’s most versatile and cost-effective alternatives are of this sort, which safeguard beneficiaries who are dependent on your income.

Term life insurance provides protection for a specified period of time, usually between 10 and 30 years, and a predetermined death payment if you die while the policy is valid. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly premiums are paid and are fixed for the duration of the insurance. It is also possible to change a term life insurance policy to a whole life insurance policy if you desire long-term protection.

  • Whole life insurance. Whole life insurance, on the other hand, is a long-term coverage that covers you until the time of death. Term life insurance policies provide lower premiums, but permanent insurance covers the insured for the rest of his or her life.

In addition to the death benefit, premiums paid contribute toward the policy’s cash value as well. Cash value can be used to pay premiums, to borrow against, or to invest in order to accumulate cash value.

What riders can I add to my policy?

There are a variety of riders available from most life insurance companies, allowing clients to personalize the level of protection they get. Due to the fact that Health IQ is a middleman, you’ll need to talk with a provider or agent directly to go through your coverage alternatives. The following are examples of common riders:

  • Child rider. The term life insurance for your children can now be added.
  • Waiver-of-premium rider. These benefits mean that in the event of disability or loss of income, you will not be required to make premium payments any longer..
  • Disability income benefit rider. If you become totally incapacitated, you may be eligible for this benefit to augment your income.

Health IQ reviews and complaints

Customers have given Health IQ high marks. Over 99 percent of Trustpilot’s 170 reviews are favorable, complimenting the company’s customer service, ease of application, and accurate, inexpensive quotations. Customers love it.

It has a “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and a Trustpilot rating of 9 out of 10 as of October 2020.

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