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A spate of fintech companies are now selling term life insurance through the internet, including Everyday Life. A laddered investment strategy is promoted and quoted by no other online brokerage. Here’s our Everyday Life Insurance Review for you.

What affects my rate with Everyday Life insurance?

A few of the insurers that Everyday Life works with are recognized for offering competitive prices. Partners that specialize to certain demographics include those in their 60s and older, smokers, and those with pre-existing medical concerns.

You must fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible for the highest rate class:

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  • Health. If your cholesterol is low, your blood pressure is normal, and you’re a healthy height for your weight, you’re likely to get a low rate. Additionally, your parents and siblings must be free of cardiovascular illness before the age of 60 in order to be covered by the insurance company.
  • Record of a driver’s license. With no DUIs or DWIs on your record and no more than three moving offenses in the last two years, you may be eligible for the most affordable rates.
  • Substance abuse is prevalent. You’ll have to demonstrate that you haven’t used illicit drugs or alcohol in the last ten years.

How to get a quote from Everyday Life insurance

A suggested coverage plan and price, as well as learning if you qualify for coverage, take around five minutes to get. The next step is to visit the Everyday Life website and complete the following steps:

  1. To begin, go to the homepage and click on Get Going.
  2. Provide information about your dependents, such as their ages, employment status, and so on.
  3. Enter your gender, age, and overall health status in the fields provided.
  4. Make sure to include your gross monthly income and any savings or debt you may have.
  5. You may change the term duration and coverage amount in the system to meet your specific needs. The system will then create a customised coverage plan and first price quotation. When you’re satisfied with the estimate, click Next to proceed with your application.
  6. To save your work, enter your name and email address in the boxes provided.
    You will be asked about your height and weight, family medical history, cigarette smoking, and driving history.
  7. After that, you’ll receive a new quotation and be prompted for contact information, including your phone number and ZIP code.
    Once your request has been reviewed by Everyday Life, you will be sent a link to an online application as a following step.

What types of life insurance coverage does Everyday Life offer?

Term life insurance is available via Everyday Life, an online broker that has worked with a number of different insurers. You can stack various life insurance policies to fit your financial requirements using this company’s needs-based approach to life insurance. When you use this technique, your term insurance policies will expire at the same time as your list of financial responsibilities.

Consider a scenario in which you have a mortgage, young children, and student loan debt. One insurance may cover your debt for ten years, another for twenty years, and yet another for thirty years to cover your children’s education expenses and your mortgage. As a result, your coverage will dwindle over time, but if you die suddenly, your insurance will help your family cope financially, regardless of when it happens.

Everyday Life insurance reviews and complaints

As of October 2020, Everyday Life has an A+ rating with the BBB and an A rating on TrustPilot. There have been many positive comments from customers on how nicely they were treated and how easy it was to utilize the site.

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