American Fidelity Life Insurance Review

The average monthly cost of a full life insurance policy by American Fidelity Life Insurance is between $250 and $1,000. Rates for universal life insurance may initially be equivalent to or even higher than those for whole life insurance. Keep in mind that insurance provided by your work is usually less expensive. Check out this article about American Fidelity Life Insurance Review, to aid your worries!

Pros and Cons of American Fidelity Life Insurance

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  • Converts military policies from temporary to permanent
  • A sound financial position
  • A dependable and knowledgeable insurer
  • There have been no issues with customers.
  • Customer account on the internet


  • A solid financial situation and a reputable and skilled insurer convert temporary military plans into permanent ones.
  • Customers haven’t had any problems.
  • A customer’s online profile

Factors that affect my rate with American Fidelity

When determining your specific prices, consider the following:

  • Age
  • Health, such as blood pressure levels or smoking habits
  • Occupation
  • Types of hobbies
  • Length of your policy
  • Insurance offered through your employer

Steps in getting a quote from American Fidelity life insurance

This insurance company offers prices and policy details over the phone, which keeps the registration process personal. You may submit an application that reads like this:

  1. To speak with a customer care representative regarding your insurance requirements, call 850-456-7401.
  2. Name, residence, occupation, and general health information should be provided to the representative.
  3. Select the appropriate insurance and add-ons.
  4. Get a quote and make a decision on whether or not to purchase the coverage.
  5. Then, input your credit card or bank account details. Put your signature on the contracts.
  6. Send them back to American Fidelity so they may give their blessing.
  7. On the agreed-upon day, your policy will go into effect.

Types of life insurance coverage that American Fidelity offer

American Fidelity started on the basis of providing life insurance with cash assets to people in the military. It stands by that mission with these types of policies:

  • Group life. SGLI (Servicemembers Group Life Insurance) is a group term policy available to US military personnel while they are on active duty.
  • Whole life. With the Flexible Dollar Builder policy, you’ll be covered for the rest of your life while earning tax-deferred cash worth you may borrow against. With a whole life insurance policy, you know exactly how much you’re investing and how much you’ll be paying in premiums for the duration of your coverage.
  • Universal life. First and foremost, think about the future. Universal policy can stay with you for your entire life while growing tax-deferred interest, but it’s subject to the investment’s performance. In addition, the premiums and interest rates you pay may change over time. You can find universal life policies with minimum guaranteed return rates like 2%.
  • Term life. Customers that desire short-term, low-cost insurance might benefit from this product.

What additional riders are available for inclusion in my policy?

On its website, American Fidelity makes no mention of which riders are accessible to you. Customer care must be contacted by phone or email if you want this information. Riders or perks that the business may provide include:

  • Spouse and child rider. Many insurance plans enable you to include a spouse or children as insureds, allowing the death benefit to be paid to them.
  • Portability rider. In the event that you’re covered by group insurance, this add-on lets you keep your policy even if you switch employment.

American Fidelity life insurance reviews and complaints

With an AM Best financial rating of A+, American Fidelity has demonstrated its capacity to pay claims in the future. The Better Business Bureau gives American Fidelity a perfect score for customer service because of their excellent client relations.

About American Fidelity

After his military duty, World War II Marine Charles Woodbury established American Fidelity in 1956. The company’s mission was to provide military families in Pensacola, Florida with sound financial planning and solutions in order to assist them.

Since the company’s concentration is on government and solid investments, it has been able to withstand several recessions, including the one in 2008. In November 2008, it unveiled its newest universal life insurance policy.

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