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If you’re looking for a life insurance provider, you’ve probably come across American Amicable Life Insurance. But what are they like? What are the pros and cons? We’ve done some research on the company, and here’s what we found. We’ve also included customer reviews and feedback, so you can decide if American Amicable Life Insurance is the right company for you.

Who Is American Amicable Life Insurance

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American Amicable Life Insurance is a US-based insurance company based in New York. American Amicable Life Insurance aims to simplify the lives of their clients through a comprehensive and affordable life insurance program. The company was founded in 1968. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Amicable Group Inc, one of the world’s largest non-life insurance holding companies. Headquartered in New York City, American Amicable Life Insurance offers all of the benefits of life insurance without the traditional hassle of dealing with a life insurance agent.

According to its website, American Amicable Life Insurance has provided life insurance to over 1.6 million Americans since 1968. How Does American Amicable Life Insurance Compare With Other US Life Insurance Providers?

What Are The Pros of American Amicable

Premiums American Amicable Life Insurance is fairly cheap. They offer different annual payout options: $5,000 per death benefit, and $10,000 per accidental death benefit. Both of these options come with no administrative or asset costs. Depending on which option you choose, American Amicable Life Insurance will contribute between 0.6% and 0.9% of your annual income to your death benefit. The annual benefits can total as high as $40,000, though the details are noted below.

Annual Income If you choose to have no asset (other than your car) to keep your death benefit, you will receive an annual income of $25,000. This is on top of the $40,000 annual benefit you would receive. In addition, if you keep your car, you will also receive $4,000 per year as part of your annual payout.

What are The Cons of American Amicable

The big downside of American Amicable is that, by and large, it’s used by the older generation of New Zealanders. Let’s take a look at some of their issues and see if it’s worth choosing them over the competition: No auto-renewable policies available to them Offering a one-year bond that is offered every year without fail Where they are currently not very transparent with their fees Where They Stand Compared to The Competition As you’d expect, Kiwi Life and ANZ are the major players in the life insurance industry. What’s the advantage of opting for them? Better rewards Lower fees A range of cover options What do the competition do differently?

Are Customer Reviews Good For American Amicable

If you are considering using American Amicable Life Insurance for your life insurance, it’s best to read reviews and reviews before you make the move. Reviews have been submitted to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and we found hundreds of positive customer reviews for the company.

Reviews include Happy customer with American Amicable Insurance Amicable Life Insurance in Washington DC has handled my life insurance needs for a number of years now. I have been very satisfied with their service. They are honest and fair. They have my best interest at heart and that of my family. I just thought I would mention that American Amicable will not bill you after you file a life insurance claim. My husband and I filed a claim and they sent us a check for the premiums that we would have paid.

Should You Buy American Amicable Life Insurance ?

If you’re looking to replace your current life insurance, American Amicable Life Insurance is a great option. Not only do they offer affordable coverage options, they’ve got a great customer service team to answer any questions you may have. What you’ll find is that American Amicable Life Insurance is very reliable and affordable. As you can see, the company offers the following benefits: Quick and easy life insurance quote process. 10-day money back guarantee. Possibly low rates. Buyers remorse protection.

The company also has a partnership with ZapInsurance to make it easy to apply for a life insurance policy. If you’re considering a new life insurance policy, you’re looking for an unbiased life insurance company that will provide you with quality customer service and coverage.

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